How to make the most of awards

Making the most of your food awardsRecently, as I’ve been helping some producers with their awards entries, it got me to thinking, whilst it’s great to win them – do you actually make the most of them?

So here’s a few tips to help you blow your own trumpet

Firstly – sure you’ve got it covered – but make sure you tell people – and where better to start than with your consumers – make sure your let them know why it’s of benefit to them. e.g.  “we’re delighted to win this award because it is a reflection of the top quality organic ingredients we always use in our biscuits….”

Here are some ways we recommend you communicate your exciting news…

Newsletter & blog
Don’t forget to also let them know where they can buy this award-winning product.

An excellent opportunity to catch people’s attention when they come across your website or revisit it again.  Think about how you can make it stand out rather than just pasting the award badge onto the site where it may get lost. For example, are you the only producer of jams in Dorset that has won 3 gold awards in a row for your product? Try and find that hook to make people really see your product as the top quality product in its category.

Social media
Have a think about how you can make people notice.  Maybe link to a competition?  e.g. “we’re delighted to have recently won an award for our raspberry and champagne jam.  We think our rhubarb and ginger is equally as scrumptious.   What’s your favourite flavor? Email us to enter a draw to win a case of each”

Can you get more detailed feedback on your products from the judges? There may be some lovely quotes in there that you can spread through social media, your website, your press releases and even in your packaging.

Shouting about that win on pack could be the clincher in getting new consumers to try it. We don’t suggest you redo your packaging every time you win an award – but what about using stickers, labels, tags to share your great news.

Email Signature
Why not use your email signature to shout about your awards?

Business stationery & invoices
We’re not suggesting you reprint your business cards or compliment slips every time you win an award, but when you are looking at printing some you could incorporate your awards on there somewhere. It would make them stand out more and act as a reminder for anyone potentially interested in doing business with you.

The same goes for your invoices – the one piece of paper your customers are guaranteed to look at!

 Get your stockists behind you
As well as informing consumers and potential customers yourself, don’t forget to tell your existing stockists too!  They may be able to promote your win on their website, magazine or newsletter.  Remember it reflects well on them too to be stocking award-winning products.

 Good luck for any awards you are entering next year!