How to increase sales of your products in farm shops

5 ways to drive your salesWe all want to grow our businesses which means we need to increase the sales of our products in-store.  Whilst offering price discounts is a short term fix it is not sustainable as we all need to make a profit at the end of the day! 

Farm Shops love creating an enjoyable shopping experience for their customers, so they can be very open to discuss different ways of supporting your brand instore.

Here are 5 different marketing ideas to discuss with your farm shop contact to help increase sales of your brand by inspiring and educating consumers on the reasons they should buy your brand.

  1. Events – are you able to tap into any events the farm shop may be running e.g. Mother’s Day, Easter, Vegetarian Week etc.  You could run a tasting session, have a Company representative there to talk about your brand.  You could sponsor an event enabling you to have branding on any promotional material.  You could be really proactive and have a calendar of events and detail how you want to get involved to discuss with the farm shop.
  2. Loyalty Cards – some farm shops now offer a loyalty card where suppliers can actually target a specific type of consumer e.g. buying a competitor brand, specific category of food.  You could promote your brand, offer recipe ideas or issue a coupon for when they purchase your product.

  3. Newsletters/Blogs – Many farm shops have a large mailing list that they send newsletters to.  Are there opportunities for you to include some information about your brand?  E.g. promote a new listing, give ideas of how to consume your product, offer a recipe.  Are you able to write a blog on a relevant topic and feature this on their website? 
  4. Bag Stuffer’ – Discuss producing an information card or recipe leaflet that can be popped into shoppers bags by the till operatives.  Can these leaflets also be displayed near where your product is being sold? 

  5. Social Media – connecting with farm shops on Facebook & Twitter is a great way of engaging with them and their customers.  Simply commenting on some of their posts is a great start.  You may be able to run competitions on social media for their customers and encourage them to visit your website enabling you to build your consumer database.  Sharing blogs that are hosted on your website can be shared through their social media. 

Engaging with Farm Shops to discuss the types of activity you can run instore will really help you get your brand in front of more consumer eyes.  Shoppers may not have noticed your brand sat on the shelf but with a bit of brand exposure you will increase your customer numbers and ultimately your brand sales.

If you have any questions on in-store marketing activity or would like to share any of your experiences, we’d love to hear from you at [email protected]