How to build a brand

A brand is not just about a logo or catchy name. For a brand to have longevity, it will need very clear positioning – that is, you will need to be single minded about what exactly it is, what it does, why and for whom.

It is this clear structure that will allow you to easily develop new, relevant products. It will also make it easier for you to explain your brand to retailers (when presenting to them) or consumers (through your marketing activities).

Step 1: Write down your brand positioning before you even think about briefing anyone to design you a logo or style for your brand – include its personality, what it does and even the emotional benefits for the user (‘a good mum’, ‘cool and up to date’, ‘fit and healthy’, etc).

To be or not to be…different

If your product is truly unique then fantastic!

If not, it’s OK to have a similar product to something else, after all, it’s proves there’s a market! But it is critical to find a way to position your brand so that it targets a different consumer, addresses a different usage or is differentiated in some other appealing way. That’s what will convince retailers and consumers to want it instead of – or as well as – a competitor.

Get the look…

Once you are clear on this, it’s time to work on the visual elements – your logo and your overall design style. A great way to find a designer is to look at who created the websites and logos of businesses you admire, or ask ones you know for examples of their work. There’s a lot to be said for a good working relationship too – if you ‘click’, the process will be much easier.

Here are the ingredients you’ll need to brief your chosen designer:

1. The positioning statement you wrote earlier
2. Examples of brands or styles you like
3. Examples of what you don’t like
4. A clear description of your product and examples of the packaging / your ideas
5. Your timescales
6. Your budget (though it’s your call whether you share that with them)

Step 2: Get a designer to create a logo that fits your brand, and a style for you to use in your communications from social media and email to advertising and leaflets. BE CONSISTENT – this will help consumers remember you and strengthen your position against your competitors.

What next?

Much like you probably did with your product, now’s the time to test out your brand with your consumers – see the previous post on ‘understanding consumers’ for some fab ways to do that.

Step 3: Canvas the opinions of more than your family on whether the branding works – if they’re not your target market, their opinion doesn’t really do the job (as nice as it is to get their praise!)

Eek, this is scary!

Don’t worry, we’ll have lots of resources, interviews and videos available to Relish members to help you write a brand positioning, draw up a design brief and test ideas with your consumers.

Good luck!

Got questions now? Drop us a line on [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help.


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