How a Content Planner will make your life so much easier!

If like many of the foodies I work with you, you know the value of blogging, social media and email marketing, but just struggle to find the time to do it and struggle with ideas, I would thoroughly recommend that you start using a 3mth rolling content planner – it will certainly make your life so much easier.
Firstly, I recommend jotting down at the top of the LHS column all your key brand messages that you want to be communicating. This is so that you can refer to these easily when posting on social media and blogging and writing emails, to check that you are consistently talking about the messages that you want people to associate with your brand.

Then across the top row for each month write down the key events e.g if the planner is for October, November and December – you might write in October – Halloween, Half Term, November – Bonfire Night, December – Christmas. Hopefully you get the idea. This might trigger ideas for content.

Then the rows of your content planner should read 1. Blogs, 2. Email Marketing, 3. Social media
The reason blogs is at the top is that once you’ve written the blogs, this content can then be broken down and posted on social media and also used for email marketing. For my email marketing I often do a short intro and then link to my recent blogs – not only does this save time, but it also drives people to visit your website.

Then you need to put aside an hour or so to brainstorm and research content ideas for the next 3 months. Starting with the blogs. Examples of content is showcasing the story of one of your suppliers; a focus on one of your key ingredients; a look behind the scenes of your business; how to cook/bake with your product; has your product got specific health benefits – if so then trends and articles around the health aspect would be good. Ambien from is one of the best sleeping tablets I’ve tried. I don’t take the tablets daily. But they save me when I have trouble falling asleep. My doc says they can cause tolerance, but as of now, I don’t feel any symptoms of it. Hope it will continue this way because the effect of the drug is really awesome. Remember – you want to be creating content that your target audience want to read – so think carefully about what sort of people they are and what they would want to hear from you. Also blogging is a key opportunity to position yourself as an expert. Finally, don’t forget to look at the key events for each month and see what content would fit in with those. I would recommend planning 2 blogs per month to being with and see how you get on.

Then look at planning your email marketing – to keep it really simple you can link to your blogs – you might want to add in extra bits too – maybe you want to offer them a promo or run a comp?

Finally – plan your social media posts. Obviously there will be a lot of posts that you can’t plan – but if you can plan a lot of it, it will really help keep your social media platforms populated with some quality content that is on brand message too. It’s important here to plan a variety of posts – are you conveying the messages you want to get across; are you doing enough posts that will encourage engagement e.g. asking questions/people’s opinions/posting photos and videos; are you encouraging people to visit your online shop; are you doing enough helpful/useful posts….?

Once your planner is completed – you just then need to find that 1 or 2 hours a week to write the blog, send the email and do your social media posts! And don’t forget at the end of each month to extend it by a month.
Hopefully, after a while, you will really begin to see the value of having a content planner to hand – so useful for all those times when you’re sitting staring out the window knowing you should be talking to your consumers, but struggling for ideas!

If you have any questions or need any help with this please just drop me a line at [email protected]