Foodie flavour trends 2013

Happy New Year and welcome to a successful 2013!

We blogged about this flavour trends report from McCormick this time last year and were fascinated to read the 2013 version this morning – it makes for really interesting reading!

The report covers 5 key trends in flavour this year, then breaks each down to give examples of how that trend is being, or can be, applied to products and recipes.

The 5 trends it identifies are:

1. No Apologies Necessary

2. Personally Handcrafted

3. Empowered Eating

4. Hidden Potential

5. Global My Way

This fascinating food flavour trends report gives a really quick and easy (10 mins to read it) ‘heads up’ on what’s hot for 2013.

Here’s the link again: FLAVOUR FORECAST 2013