Food Labelling – have your say!

Companies producing a range of foods are being invited to have their say about the possible mandatory labelling of their products’ origin.

According to the current EU rules, an indication of origin should be provided on foods whenever its absence is likely to mislead consumers as to the origin of that product.
Origin labelling is already compulsory for beef and beef products (following the bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) crisis), fresh fruit and vegetables, wine, olive oil, eggs, honey and unprocessed fish. Now, the European Commission is looking into extending the range of products covered by this requirement.

As part of its review, the Commission is seeking the views of small & medium sized businesses (SMEs) involved in the production and / or sale to consumers of three categories of prepacked foods:

• unprocessed foods, such as rice and pulses but also wheat flour (which is considered as unprocessed under EU food law):
• single ingredient products, such as vegetable oil, fruit juices, coffee, sugar, tomato purée (passata), frozen fruits and vegetables;
• and ingredients that represent more than 50% of a food, such as tomato in tomato sauces, wheat in bread or pasta, tuna in canned tuna products

As well as checking basic information about their size and sector, the survey asks companies to judge whether a number of options for an origin labelling scheme would be technically and economically feasible for their business. It also asks them to judge the impact of such a scheme on their competitiveness and how long they might need to comply.

The deadline for giving feedback is 28th May 2014. All contributions will be made via the Enterprise Europe Network and will be anonymous.
To take part and get your voice heard about this potential legislation please contact the Enterprise Europe Network Yorkshire team on 0800 052 8156 or e-mail [email protected]