Food Labelling Course

New rules on food labelling are being brought in 

 These include: 

  • mandatory nutrition labelling on pre-packaged food
  • more country of origin labelling
  • improved date marking (including date of first freezing)
  • clarity and legibility of food information
  • labelling of non-pre-packed foods
  • allergen information, including on food sold loose and in restaurants, cafes etc

The new rules will make food labelling clearer, and improve the nutrition and allergen information provided with food.

We are therefore running a course (at Manchester University) to help you facilitate the transition in meeting the requirements of the new legislation, therefore pre-empting the changes before they become mandatory.

The half day course is scheduled for the 30th July and will be run at a discounted rate of £99 per delegate.

 If you are interested please contact David Shepherd on 0161 247 2695 or email him on [email protected]