Everyone needs a dose of inspiration…..

Yesterday at the Inspiring Foodie Entrepreneurs Event at the British Library it made me realise that we all need a good dose of inspiration every now and again. And the speakers – James Averdieck, founder of Gu Puddings, Camilla Stephens co-founder of Higgidy Pies, Harriet Hastings founder of Biscuiteers Ltd and Luke Johnson founder of Strada – certainly provided that in bundles.

Advice such as a “ a niche is too big – find a niche of a niche” and “make sure you show the supermarkets that you won’t be stealing from own label products and that you will be bringing new consumers to the category” really gave the food producers and the wannabe food producers in the audience ideas to focus on.

When chatting to many of them after the event I think one thing they were all struck by (apart from the overwhelming passion that the speakers all had for their brands) was how hard and how long and full of ups and downs their journey’s had been. There’s a danger when starting out that you look at the successful brands and think how lucky there are – forgetting that they started off in exactly the same place as you a few years ago and went through the same pains that you are probably going through right now. On https://www.savealoonie.com/tramadol-online/, you can find tons of useful information about countless prescription and over-the-counter medications. This online service is a perfect place to find out everything about the pills you’ve been prescribed. Besides, you can order the tablets there at considerably lower prices than elsewhere on the web. No-one said success would come overnight. In the words of James Averdieck:

“ Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm”