Do supermarkets and small food producers go together?

We often hear small food producers worry about supplying supermarkets, deterred before they even try, thinking supermarkets are only interested in big brands. 

If you are a small food producer and are interested in reaching the volumes that supplying supermarkets can offer, the good news is many supermarkets are actively seeking out small food producers to stock their products.

Waitrose has a Small Producers Charter which sets out their policy towards developing working relationships with potential suppliers.  In it they say, ” we want to work with more small, local and regional suppliers”.

Asda has a dedicated local sourcing and buying team whose sole aim is to identify local products and work with small suppliers to enable their products to reach the Asda shelves. 

Sainsbury’s has promised to double the amount of British food it sells by 2020 and is keen to introduce more local products to its stores; their Supply Something New Programme allows smaller food producers to contact the company directly.  There are some interesting case studies on the site so it’s well worth a look.

This is by no means a  comprehensive look at the supermarkets and their ‘buying local’ policies, but it’s intended to give encouragement to small food producers out there who are looking to get onto supermarket shelves.

So go for it!

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