Did your Cafe cut the Mustard this Christmas?

coffee sketchThe run up to Christmas is always a busy time for any farm shop, deli or café. Not only are customers looking to stock up on seasonal fare to serve to family and friends over the festive period, it’s also a time when many people take the opportunity to meet up and enjoy a meal out.

A significant uplift in customers visiting your café or eating in your deli is a test for any establishment. Team members both front and back of house are often stretched to the limit and it takes a well-run organised business to come out the other end unscathed, having delighted customers, whilst behind the scenes having continued to run an efficient and profitable operation.

January is therefore a good time to sit down and take stock, to reflect on how well you and your team coped with this additional business during December.  Were you able to take the uplift in customer numbers in your stride? Alternatively did it test all of your systems and practices to the limit with things not going as you might have liked, or perhaps it’s made you realise that the absence of these let you down?

Here at Relish we are keen to work with you to review how well you coped in the run up to Christmas and suggest some operational systems and procedures, so that your café or deli is better placed in the future to manage the busy times and maximise the sales opportunities these bring.

The review takes the form of a health check visit, meeting with you and observing your catering business in order to gain an understanding of your operation. I have been taking Tramadol https://tramadolhclnorx.com/ for my back and neck pain for 20 years. I’ve also tried morphine and other medications. But always with strong side effects. I also take diazepam. This helps against the nervousness that Tramadol causes and didn’t dare to drive a car anymore. Tramadol also increases my blood pressure, which is far too low. This is then followed up with a report containing any recommendations and actions as well as suggested next steps for your business.

If you would like to find out more about this service then email [email protected]