Consumer insights – how they protect your listings

We have recently finished running some consumer research groups for a client and have been so delighted with what they have delivered for our client and the new paths that have been opened up to them, we had to post about it!

A few months ago, our client asked us to help them get a clearer picture of who was buying their products, why they were buying them and when they were eating them.

Consumer insights – and where they can take your brand

We designed and ran a series of research groups and now, a couple of months, a large stack of notes and a lot of well used cooler bags of product later, armed with the insights we presented back, our client has a clear understanding of the direction their brand should go.

In fact, they are already working on:

  • developing new packaging (based on what their target consumers want to see on there – and what they don’t!)
  • updating their website (to be in line with their packaging and overall message  – consistency being key for your brand)
  • developing a comms strategy (including PR, social media & retailer marketing) and have begun implementing it
  • driving their rate of sale in a newly secured major retailer

It’s not always getting into supermarkets – but staying there – that is tricky!

The best thing about this process is knowing that the client now has the ammunition and understanding they need to keep the major retail listing they’ve recently won… and to talk to others.

Whilst it is incredibly exciting to get a meeting with a major retail buyer, and even more so to win a listing (if that’s they way you want to go of course!), the hardest part is often keeping it.

Once the launch promotion dust has settled, the buyer is watching your brand like a hawk to check it’s delivering the rate of sale you need. That’s where a consumer campaign, feedback from that retailer’s customers – and a tactical plan to drive those sales – will be critical to long term success.

And all that begins with a little research into your consumers – so simple, yet so powerful!

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