Coming up with Winning Ideas – 5 Top Tips from Relish

Having just come back from the BBC Good Food Show where we sampled lots of fantastically innovative products – such as liquorice popcorn – we wanted to share with you our Relish Top Tips for coming up with winning ideas.

We’d also love to hear how you get your best ideas – what gives you inspiration, where do you go to look for new ideas, how do you go about deciding which are the winning ones? Just add your thoughts at the bottom of this post.    We are offering a free 1-2-1 business booster consultation to the person with the most creative ideas!

5 RELISH TOP TIPS for Coming Up with Winning Ideas

1. Get away from your workplace, turn off the phone and emails & forget about your business worries – very few winning ideas come from being in your “normal” world.

2. Keep an open mind and look for things that catch your eye or interest you in magazines, books, online, other products, toys, restaurants….. the list is endless.  Try mixing up everything you’ve collected and see what jumps out at you – it’s amazing how seemingly obscure items can create a great product idea.  And make sure you get yourself an ideas folder to keep all this material in.

3. With any initial idea you will need to ask yourself the following questions:

Can my brand realistically stretch this far?
– Is it the right timing for my brand?
– Is it a great idea but doesn’t fit with your brand? (keep hold of the idea – you never know when it might come in useful)
– Have you gone off on a wrong tangent, but feel there is something in your idea?  Go back one step and see where it gets you.
– Does it fit nicely with your brand?  Fantastic – it’s time to start bringing it to life!

4. Talk to other people about your ideas – people who will give you honest feedback, consumers, stockists – the more opinions you get the better.  People like to feel involved with your development processes – it engages them with your brand.   Social media (Facebook polls, and online surveys) is a great way of canvassing opinion.

5. Keep your eyes open  all the time.  Even when you’ve had your big idea – carry on with the creative process.  Take photos of anything that grabs your interest when out and about.  Make time regularly to visit different stores and markets purely to seek out inspiration.   Try and make time  – just 20 mins or so a week –  to read magazines that might just give you the nuggets of an idea. Ours include The National Trust Mag, a whole host of Women’s Mags, The Grocer, Speciality Food and an Engineering publication (ideas can come from the wierdest places!!)

Finally – the best piece of advice we can give you is to relax and enjoy the process.  After all creating new food products must be one of the most fun bits about being in this business!

Good Luck – and we look forward to hearing how your winning ideas have come about!