Classic British Dishes by Lauren McLean

This Month I thought I would look back through my archive and pick out some photos that I think represent ‘Classic British Dishes’. I thought we’d start off with Toad in the hole- one of my favorites! I really don’t think you can go wrong with this dish. I think been from Yorkshire, anything that includes Yorkshire pudding is going to be a winner in my eyes. As this dish has been photographed so many times, I wanted to make my version slightly different. So I decided to do a regional Toad in the hole by using sausages from; The West Country, Lancashire, & Cumbria. Also we added caramelized onions throughout the batter to make it a taste sensation. To get across to my audience that this is a regional dish, I added some flags that stick into the sausages. I think this also adds an element of fun to the shot. 

Toad in the hole-Stock Image. Copyright- Lauren Mclean Photography LTD.

As this is more commonly a winter dish, I wanted to keep the light quite dark and moody. This feeling was also enhanced by using a dark wooden surface, and a deep red back wall.

Next is another classic- The scone. This photograph can be seen in the current issue of Asda Magazine. This recipe does have a slight twist- rather than been served with jam, it has been served with strawberries.

 Scones-Asda Magazine. Copyright- Lauren Mclean Photography LTD. 

The brief for this image was to keep it light and summery. I did this by creating a garden scene and I keep the image light and fresh.

Next has to be the full English breakfast! This photograph was taken for chef Jesse Dunford Wood at his new pub, Parlour in Kensal Green. Jesse is a very innovative chef and he knows that not everyone likes their beans to touch everything, so he has very cleverly served the baked beans in a jar. This way his customers can put their beans exactly where they want them.

Full English Breakfast-Jesse Dunford Wood. Copyright- Lauren Mclean Photography LTD.

Whenever I shoot for Jesse we shoot using available light in his pub. Therefore the images tend to be quite light and airy, and the props within the images are usually what I can find in the pub.

And finally, the last dish I have chosen to look at is the Bread & Butter pudding. This shot was photographed in my studio using flash lighting. I created some light and tones within my image by shaping the light using diffusers, mirrors, and white card. I really think this has helped to create some atmosphere in my photograph.

Bread & Butter Pudding-Stock Image. Copyright- Lauren Mclean Photography LTD.