A Crazy Product Innovation!

I was intrigued to try the NEW Cadbury and Ritz chocolate bar when I spotted it in my local shop.  I’d seen people sharing thoughts about it on FB, heard mums talking about it in the playground and seen bits of Cadbury’s official advertising too.   A cheesy, slightly salty Ritz cracker combined with Cadbury’s chocolate – as odd as it initially sounded; this I had to try!  The lady serving behind the counter made comment about my purchase, and said she had tried the other new variant with the Lu biscuit and said it had been really good.  At only 50p per bar, it was a tempting low risk purchase.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised, as the chocolate was incredibly chunky and could be nibbled off around the cracker.  The cracker itself added a nice crunch to the chocolate and the flavour of the cracker just added a slight salty note without over powering the chocolate.  So, as crazy as it sounded, it did actually work.

What I loved about it?

  1. It had great talkability.  Yes, the concept could be polarising but people were talking about it.  This was free advertising for Cadbury.

  2. At 50p, it really was seen as a risk free purchase.  If people, like myself, were tempted to try it there was nothing to lose really.

  3. It showed real product innovation and not the usual recipe variants.  Not everyone would have been as brave to try such a favour combination. 

We’d love to hear about YOUR crazy flavour food combos that either got developed into a product or simply got binned for being far too wacky!