5 ways to drive your sales in farmshops & delis

We’ve recently been out and about in some fantastic farmshops carrying out research for a client, to help them get a clearer understanding of their consumer profile. As we loitered, observed and chatted with lots of lovely shoppers, we were reminded of some of the key things you can do to drive your sales in farmshops & delis. Here are our top 5:

1. Make sure staff know your story

One of the flagship Yorkshire delis has a programme of calling in its producers to run training sessions with the staff on the background story to their brand, and how best to sell it. What a super idea! Who could possibly know better what draws in consumers to buy your brand than you?

Why not ask if you can come in every few months and refresh staff on your brand? Giving them some samples to take home will also help them sell from their own experience too!

2. What’s the main draw?

Find out what is bringing most people into that store – is it the cheese counter? The quality of their meat or their butcher’s service? Their fresh fruit & veg? If your brand can lend itself in some way, think about how you could tie in your products to the big sellers…

  • Ddoes your chutney go especially well with certain meats? 
  • Have you got a dressing that complements a particular blue cheese salad? 
  • Does your granola make a delicious topping for an apple crumble?

Whatever the link, why not ask the deli if they can give out recipe leaflets and coupons for your brand alongside the big selling product it works well with? Cross selling will benefit their bottom line too.

3. Cash in on coffee shops

If your farmshop or deli clients have an attached coffee shop, why not ask whether your product can be featured on their menu? Perhaps you could suggest a special recipe to meet a seasonal event, including your brand?

Handing out some coupons for money off the product they’ve just tried, or a ‘this is the recipe you’ve just tried…’ card at the till could then drive customers to look for your brand to take home too…

4. Sample, sample, sample
There is no better way to encourage trial of your brand than by giving someone the opportunity to taste it themselves – you know how great it tastes and when they do too, they’re sure to want to buy!

Most stores will be willing for you to pop in for a few hours to give their customers a tasting. After all, more sales for you means more sales for them too. And once you’ve done it and seen the results, you’ll have a success story to share with other potential new customers too!

5. Know your audience
Every farmshop or deli is different and depending on where it is located, the profile of the average shopper may well be different too. More than likely, that shopper will also vary depending on the day of the week or time of year too.

Try to spend a little time in store on different days and at different times. Observe what types of people are shopping so you can tailor what you do to their needs, with recipe cards, sampling, new product ideas, etc.

  • High end city deli with coffee shop? Your customer may be younger and possibly interested in more unusual recipe ideas
  • Quieter, rural farmshop? The profile may be a little older or more traditional, so you could perhaps stick to more classic fare

Either way, there are few brands that can cross all consumer groups so it’s worth doing your research before you approach stores to list your brand. If the profile is the wrong fit, your sales could suffer from day one.

What have you done to make your brand fly in farmshops?

We’d love to hear your success stories – do post a comment below!