5 Things a Retailer Nutritionist Looks for in a Product

Nutrition Spot


1. How the product fits into a healthy balanced lifestyle – GDA’s (Guidance daily amounts ) or RNI’s (Reference Nutrient Intake) as they now need to be labelled can be helpful. All major retailers have nutrition strategies and policies and basic information on these will be detailed on their website.


2. Does the product hit the retailers responsibility deal pledges? – All major retailers have made food based commitments to the government surrounding various pledges on salt, calories, fruit and vegetables, labelling, saturated fat and trans fats. For more information visit www.responsibilitydeal.dh.gov.uk .


3. What allergens it contains and if it would be suitable for any special diets e.g gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, dairy free etc…


4.   How many portions of fruit and vegetables are present in the product? Every retailer has its own policy on calculating the portions of fruit and vegetables in a product. The IGD (Institute of Grocery distribution) also has some published guidance on how to calculate fruit and vegetable portions.


5.   Any possible nutrition or health claims that could be used on the product.