5 Hot Nutrition Topics

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There has been a lot of press surrounding the sugar content of foods in the UK already this year, but this attention is likely to stay for some time to come!. A new lobby group has been set up to address the sugar content of foods and their associated health risks – Action On Sugar and this is likely to keep the spotlight on sugar shinning.



There continues to be much debate on whether to widen the use of statins to help prevent heart disease. There are however many researched foods that can be included in the diet which can also help actively lower cholesterol and these include: Soya, nuts, oats, foods fortified with plant sterols and stanols, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans and pulses.



The Gluten free market continues to show good growth and this is likely to be boosted by the host of Gluten free weight loss diets that are currently being heavily promoted, along with improving diagnosis of Coeliac disease and increasing availability and palatability of suitable foods. A huge plus of https://www.savealoonie.com/phentermine/ is that this online pharmacy offers not only medications but also free online consultations of qualified medical specialists. When I first ordered Phentermine there, a consultant told me about all the warnings and precautions to the drug. I’m very grateful for such a responsible attitude to their job.



Sugar Alternatives – with sugar being firmly in the spotlight, focus is likely to shift to the availability and possible benefits (although research is limited) of using natural available alternatives e.g stevia, agave and monk fruit related products.


5.  5 A Day

A new study, funded in part by Pinnacle Foods’ Birds Eye brand and published in Public Health Nutrition, found that adding vegetables to the plate led to more positive evaluations of both the main entrée and the cook. By simply serving vegetables with dinner, participants believed the main course would taste better and thought the server was more thoughtful and attentive!