3 key steps to getting your food or drink product listed in farm shops and delis

1. Plan carefully.

It is really easy to get over-enthusiastic and start approaching farm shops and delis before you are ready to sell.  Here’s a quick check-list of the things you need to make sure you have in place  to help you sell your food or drink product to the farm shop and deli managers:

  • Costings – do you have an idea of your rrp (the price the shop will sell your product at) and does your cost price allow the shop to make 40% margin as well as you making a profit?
  • Do you know how you will deliver your product – yourself? A courier?
  • Is your labelling legal and does it have all the required information on it?
  • Have you done shelf-life testing?
  • Have you got outer case packaging sorted?

 2. How to approach the buyer/shop manager.

  • Decide on your approach – are you going to phone to get appointments? Are you going to call on the shops in person with samples on the off chance?   (Relish Tip:  always make the most of every appointment by doing research and seeing what other stores/sales opportunities might be nearby)
  • Make sure you have a hand-out to leave them with all the info they will need to know – price, case size, minimum order quantity, lead time, delivery costs and not forgetting your contact details!

Be knowledgeable – not only about your product – but about competitor products and the wider category. Don’t forget the shop manager might have to make a decision whether to list your product or a competitors – there is only so much space on the shelves!

3. Supporting your listing.

  • Once you’ve done the hard work of getting the listing – unfortunately it doesn’t stop there!  Don’t forget to tell people where they can get your product (via social media, email lists, website etc).
  • Also – offer support to the store – can you do samplings in store for example to help with sales – particularly a good idea at launch to encourage trial and at key seasonal times of the year such as Easter, Mother’s Day, Xmas etc

If you have any questions about this topic we would love to hear from you simply email [email protected] and we will do our best to help.

Good luck!

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